Auxiliary Boiler in HFO Power Plant


Auxiliary Boiler play a vital role in engine power plant especially Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) power plant operation. HFO power plant operation required several heating stages for different components and systems.

Why Auxiliary Boiler Must Required in HFO Power Plant?

Heavy fuel oil power plant operation depends upon different integrated system, and steam play a vital role to live up the systems. Fuel system, Engine cooling system, Oily water and sludge discharge system, different module such as HFO Separator, Lube oil separator , HT preheating , Booster module , Fuel filter module etc completely depends upon heating. Steam is a easy solution for heating. When the power plant remain stand by or under maintenance auxiliary boiler used to produce and supply saturated steam to all those systems and components. 
General Consideration for Selection of Auxiliary Boiler

The selection of auxiliary boiler depends upon several facts in HFO power plant.
•    Power plant plant size
•    Systems/Components required for heating
•    Required pressure
•    Considering heat loss in the system.
•    Fuel for boiler
•    Boiler efficiency
•    Operation cost


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