Diesel engine cylinder liner |Cylinder liner material

Diesel engine cylinder liner is made of alloyed cast iron and is suspended in the cylinder frame with a low situated flange. Cylinder liner of diesel engine creates space for combustion and reciprocating movement of the piston. The top of the cylinder liner is fitted with a cooling jacket. The cylinder liner has scavenged ports, drilled holes for cylinder lubrication and is prepared for installation of temperature sensors, if required.

General Description of Cylinder Liner:

Cylinder liner act as central part of diesel engine. Cylinder liner is centralized by its upper section using the jacket or backing ring, in the lower section the cylinder liner is guided by the cylinder crankcase. Piston is seated inside the cylinder liner with the support of piston ring around the inner liner wall. A flame ring is incorporated in the cylinder liner. Liner held cylinder head seat upon it.

MAN B&W 51/60 DF Engine Cylinder Liner
MAN B&W 51/60 DF Engine Cylinder Liner

Cylinder liner along with the cylinder head and piston create combustion chamber. Cylinder liner inside lubricated by lubricating oil for smooth movement of the piston. Sometimes a separate cylinder lubrication system used (MAN B&W Engine). Cylinder liner inside wall content precision honing texture.
Cylinder liner transfers heat from combustion chamber to jacket cooling water through its wall (convection heat transfer) circulating around the combustion chamber.

Material Used for Diesel Engine Cylinder Liner:

The material for cylinder liner should be wear, heat, corrosion resistance and good lubrication properties. Common material used for cylinder liner is cast iron alloy (Generally cast iron with chromium, nickel, vanadium etc.).

The material for cylinder liner should fulfill the following requirements:

  • High anti-galling properties
  • Less wear on the cylinder liner
  • Less wear on the partner piston ring
  • Should transfer maximum heat to the coolant
  • Corrosion resistance due to combustion product and coolant media
  • Excellent lubrication properties.

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