Fuel Injection Nozzle Cooling Water System

Fuel injection nozzle cooling water system in HFO power plant used to cool down fuel Injection nozzle. Injection nozzle spray fuel in the combustion chamber and exposed to high temperature. For proper function and usable life of the injection nozzle cooling is necessary. Nozzle cooling reduce wear down of nozzle due to combustion.

Component used in nozzle cooling system
  • Nozzle cooling pipe lining
  • Nozzle cooling module/unit- Pump, Cooler, Thermostatic valve, water reservoir, Pressure expansion vessel and control cabinet.

Flow Diagram of Fuel Injection Nozzle Cooling Water System:
Nozzle cooling system of HFO engine
Nozzle cooling water system of engine
Description of Fuel Injection Nozzle Cooling Water System :

Fuel injection nozzles are cooled by a separate nozzle cooling water system. Cooling water circulate to the cooling passages of fuel injectors. Nozzle cooling module assist to maintain the nozzle cooling water temperature within limit and continuous circulation of water.

Nozzle cooling cross section view
Nozzle cooling cross section view

A multistage centrifugal pump pumps cooling water from the water reservoir tank to the cooling circuit. The returned nozzle cooling water cool down in heat exchanger. LT water assist to heat transfer process. Thermostatic 3-way valve control the cooling water temperature.

Nozzle cooing water module/unit
Nozzle cooing water module/unit

Pressure expansion vessel accommodate the increase in the volume of cooling water due to the raising of  its temperature. Control cabinet control the total nozzle cooling water system.

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