Fuel Injection Timing Adjusting (MAN B&W Engine)

Fuel injection and complete combustion is the most desirable part of diesel engine. Fuel injection adjusting for MAN B&W 18V 51/60 DF ,48/60 TS Engine.

The Procedure include three steps:
  • Release hydraulic brake,
  • Stagger fuel injection timer (by hand)
  • Activate hydraulic brake.
Geared Motor and Injection TImer MAN B&W Engine

The geared motor of fuel injection timer disconnected from power supply so that fuel injection timer can be operate by hand.

Safety during Fuel Injection Timing Adjustment:
  • Engine stopped condition.
  • Drive shaft secured against rotating (Turning gear engaged)
  • Engine secured against starting up (Starting air valve closed)
  • Disconnect power supply to engine (Power supply cutoff from SaCoS)
  • Fix warning sign against unintentional turning on the power supply
  • Disconnect power supply to geared motor
  • Wear protective clothing.


Fuel Injection Adjusting Steps:

Releasing hydraulic brake:

The fuel injection timer is provided with a brake valve and a hydraulic brake per camshaft. All the hydraulic brakes should be released in case of a fuel injection timer with several hydraulic brakes. In MAN B&W 51/60 DF, MAN B&W 48/60 TS contains two hydraulic brakes. Turn the manual actuation of the hydraulic break valve to release the break.

Hydraulic brake valve MAN B&W Engine
Hydraulic break released


Stagger fuel injection timer (by hand):

Turn geared motor wheel by hand. To do that hold the manual/auto lever toward manual side and rotate the wheel clockwise or anti clockwise rotation depending on the requirement of increasing or decreasing the injection timing angle. Check the angle pointer in the fuel injection timer (with integrated hydraulic brake).

Fuel injection timer Geared Motor
Hydraulic Brake with ignition angle MAN B&W Engine
Activate hydraulic brake:

Turn the manual actuation of the hydraulic break valve to active the break.

Hydraulic break actuated

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