High Exhaust Gas Temperature

High exhaust gas temperature is a major problem for diesel engine. About 30-40% of energy losses due to exhaust gas. The higher exhaust temperature, lower thermal efficiency of engine. So exhaust temperature with in the limit according the the manufacturer always desired.

Exhaust gas
Exhaust gas

Here some causes for high exhaust gas temperature

1.0 Charge air issue

    • Clogged charge air cooler (Intercooler)
    • Clogged intake air filter
    • Charge air temperature high

2.0 Insufficient cooling

    • Cooling water temperature high
    • Insufficient quantity of cooling water
    • Clogged cooling system

3.0 High fuel supply

    • Faulty fuel injector
    • Faulty fuel pump

4.0 Exhaust and Inlet valve problems

    • Exhaust and intake valves not sealing properly
    • Valve seat burnt
    • Damaged rotocap bearing

5.0 Turbocharger Fault

    • TC RPM low
    • TC nozzle ring damaged
    • Clearance between insert casing and compressor wheel high
  • Clearance between shroud ring and TC blades high

6.0 Others

  • Exhaust gas back pressure

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