Lubrication Oil System in Fuel Oil Power Plant (Lube oil system description)

Lubricating oil systems is an essential part of Engine power plant (Heavy fuel oil and Diesel Oil). A proper lubrication system ensure sound operation of engine power plant. Lube oil system of an engine power plant include lube oil itself and different components such as lube oil pump, lube oil filter, lube oil cooler, lube oil tanks etc.

Components of Lubrication oil system in power plant:
  • Engine driven lube oil pump
  • LO service tank
  • Lube oil maintenance tank
  • Used lube oil tank
  • New lube oil feed pump
  • Maintenance lube oil pump
  • Lube oil flow meter
  • Engine sump (Dry and wet sump)
  • Engine driven lube oil pump
  • Lube oil module ( Pre-lubrication pump,lube oil 3way valve/temperature control valve,Lube oil cooler,Lube oil auto backwash filter)
  • Lube oil service or security filter
  • Lubrication piping inside engine.
  • Lube oil separator
Flow diagram of lube oil system in fuel oil power plant:
General flow diagram of lubrication oil system of a engine power plant
Description of Lubricating Oil System in a Power Plant :

At first lube oil (Inside drum, flex bag, lorry whatever) pumped into lube oil service tank by lube oil unloading pump unit. Strainer and flow meter installed in between tank and pump. From service tank lube oil feed pump draw fuel and pumped through duplex filter, lube oil flow meter (individual for engine) to engine sump.

Before the engine in operation engine lubricated by pre-lubrication pump installed in lube oil module. While engine goes to firing stage pre-lubrication pump stopped and engine lubricated by engine driven lube oil pump.

Screw type engine driven lube oil pump
Lubrication oil pump (Engine driven)

From the sump lube oil passes through lube oil cooler where in cooled down by LT water. After cool down lube oil passes through lube oil auto backwash filter and then to the security filter. Generally security or running in filter used during engine commissioning period.

Lube oil module wiht pre lubrication pump, lube oil cooler, lube oil auto backwash filter
Lube Oil Module

Finally all lubricating points in the engine are supplied with pressurized oil via a lubricating oil pipe and distributed to all moving parts of the engine. After lubricating internal moving components of engine fall down to engine sump (First dry sump then wet sump).

Lube oil separator connected with the sump to purify the lube oil contaminated with water, carbon deposit and other impurities in a close loop.

Pipe line privation for sending lube oil to maintenance tank during engine maintenance and used lube oil tank also kept with the system.


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